• Decipher® Bladder TURBT

    Introducing Decipher® Bladder

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  • Decipher® Prostate RP

    Will my patient
    benefit from therapy
    after radical prostate surgery?

    The Decipher® answer

  • Access for More Patients

    No out-of-pocket costs for Medicare patients, Decipher Prostate RP is covered

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  • Genomic Resource Information Database

    Access enhanced research through individualized genomic insights

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  • Is Decipher right for you?

    Decipher® Prostate

    Powerful information that can help to better define treatment decisions for prostate cancer patients

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  • Color Genomics In Partnership With GenomeDx

    Color Hereditary Cancer Risk Genetic Testing for Prostate Cancer Patients Now Available

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Understanding Your Risk

New and individualized ways to understand prostate cancer risk is important because no two cancers are alike.

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Is Decipher® right for me?

The Decipher test is a unique genomic test that offers clarity about the course of treatment after prostate surgery.

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How does the testing process work?

What to expect when the Decipher test is ordered.

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