Decipher®Prostate Key Data

    Decipher outperforms conventional clinical tools: Studies show that Decipher is a significant & independent predictor of metastasis after prostatectomy, outperforming conventional clinical tools such as Gleason score.

    Decipher reclassifies men after surgery: In clinical studies of intermediate & high-risk men after surgery, Decipher reclassified 60% of men to lower risk categories. 98.5% of patients reclassified to low risk by Decipher did not develop metastasis within 5 years of radical prostatectomy.

    Decipher helps identify which patients may benefit from multimodal therapy: Recent research demonstrates that Decipher low risk men may be managed safely with observation until PSA rise & Decipher high risk men may benefit from early radiation. Decipher high-risk men who received adjuvant radiation experienced an 80% reduction in incidence of metastasis compared to those receiving salvage radiation.

    Decipher changes treatment decisions: On average, 39% of physicians changed patient treatment recommendations after reviewing Decipher results resulting in a 50% reduction recommendations for radiation therapy in those identified as low risk by Decipher.

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