Oct 2015

Decipher® in OncoTherapy Network News: Genomic Classifier May Help Predict Metastasis Following Prostatectomy and SRT

Decipher® in ASTRO News: Genomic classifier appears to predict metastasis in prostate cancer patients following prostatectomy

Nov 2014

Published in Prostate Cancer Research Institute’s Insights periodical, “Using Genomics to ‘Moneyball’ Prostate Cancer.” Access the full periodical on PCRI’s website here.
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Published online Nov. 21, 2014

Sept 2014

Published in Forbes “Improving Cancer Treatment Decisions With Genomic Data”
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Jan 2014

Published in the Wall Street Journal “Custom-Fit Treatments for Prostate Cancer” (requires subscription)
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Mar 2013

Published in the New York Times “New Prostate Cancer Tests Could Reduce False Alarms”
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